Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Location: Humboldt Park, near North and Mozart.

Submitted by: Kennedy

Our first submission! The story goes, after a few drinks on the day of the St. Paddy's day parade in Chicago, our buddy Ryan was waiting for the bus in Humboldt. Risking it all, he lept into action when he saw the 211 staring up from the grass. 

Now if you know Humboldt, you know this shit is real. Walk around there at night and you'll be introduced to the other kind of steal, and usually will say goodbye to your wallet. While another kind of steel is lethal, the liquid in this bottle can be just as deadly. Ryan didn't find any bodies nearby, but I can assure you, whoever drank this was trying to kill himself. Only crazy ass people looking to die would get blasted on Steel Reserve in Humboldt Park. I pour one out for you, buddy.

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