Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steel Reservists

After considering this for all of a few mins, I've decided I need help!

Do you drink?

Do you party?

Do you have a camera?

Then you're recruited to the Steel Reservists! I need help finding pictures of the Steel Reserve! Anywhere, any time, give me your photos! This community minded effort will make this project better than ever. 

I'll continue the effort of making sure the world knows how a smooth high gravity lager can enhance any evening. Your proof will make this easier.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Location: 18th St and Ashland, Chicago, IL

Outside of Nuevo Leon


Location: Canal and Roosevelt, Chicago, IL

Outside of a Wal-Greens

Suspected drinker was panhandling for money near the entrance of Wal-Greens

Why Steel Reserve?

The 211 mark, based on the medivel symble for steel, appears only on Steel Reserve high gravity lager.

Through an unfortunate incident involving said beverage, a bicycle, a car and a hospital, I now hold a high respect for this premium liquor. So much so that every time I see an empty can on the ground, I hold a new level of respect for not only the drinker, but the manufacturers of this liquid death pill.

To survive a night, imbibing only the smoothest of lagers, brewed for a minimum of 28 days, takes not only courage, but strong will.

It is now my duty to photograph evidence of these heroes. Cataloging their exploits is not only a challenge, as finding a Steel Reserve can on the ground is not only rare (due to the courage it takes to pick it up off the shelf), but also requires a keen eye to spot it's silver casing amongst the filth of the streets.

I, the man of steel, present to you...Steel Reserve.