Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Favorite Films: Volume 1

If you like video games, smoking pot, drinking, grandparents doing things more awesome than you, or most of Ashton Kutchers early works, you probably already have seen the classic Grandma's Boy. Most likely found in your local Wal-Marts bargain bin, this film from 2006 starring Allen Covert (does Hollywood have one hit wonders?) is important for the following reason:

Doris Roberts slamming a delicious Steel Reserve. Known for her roll in National Lampoons Christmas vacation, she shows no mercy when it comes to kicking back the ol' 211. Does your grandma do this? Probably not.

One more reason Hollywood is better than real life.

Thanks to Ryan for submitting the screen grabs, which are copyrighted I'm sure by the film's owners. But I'm following fair use policy...I think.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Location: Halsted and Roosevelt

This beautiful specimen almost caused me to be the victim of vehicular manslaughter. While on my bike, the silver sparkle caught my eye. A hard stop by me was the cause of some pissed off motorists.