Thursday, April 2, 2015

steel reign

Summer time brings out a lot of things...BBQ's, sports injuries, and most importantly day drinking.

What sunny day would be complete without a malt beverage to keep your ripped beach body hydrated and ready to rock out on the volley ball courts?

Apperantly the denizens of Chicago agree, because we've found a shit load of our favorite summer treat around town over the last few weeks. Here we go...

This is a double! Right outside our place of employment there is a designated bike parking area. Gated off from the outside world, one needs a key to enter this haven for our favorite mode of transportation. So that means...someone who works in this building has been drinking the Steel regularly. These pictures were snapped two weeks apart from each other, in the same spot. I actually made the cleaning crew refrain from sweeping it up so I could capture the specimen, so I know it couldn't be the same one. I'm in awe.

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  1. As if you thought I wouldn't be still following this...there's only one way I know how to be bullet proof and its Steel Reserver!